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Loading Channel list sky box/openbox F5/v5

Postby Alan » Wed Jul 15, 2015 5:10 pm

How do I Backup?
Make sure your USB is plugged in then navigate to; > Menu > Tools > Dump by USB > Change Dump Mode to "Misc File"
> Click on "Select and Dump"
> Select "TP_PROG.dbs" so it has a tick next to it then press yellow to "Dump onto USB", this will backup your channel list.
> To backup your Server/Gift whatever you want to call it just select the "CCcam.cfg" file instead of "TP_PROG.dbs".
> To backup your whole image "Dump to USB" before changing the dump mode.
> The required backup should now be on your usb stick, make sure to move it to your pc or be careful not to delete it.

How do I install the new list?
Place the TP_PROG.DBS file onto your USB drive,Your USB stick should be formatted to fat 32 and the only file on the drive should be the TP_PROG.DBS file.
In the Openbox menu delete your current channel list by going to the "Edit Channel" tab & selecting "Delete All".
Staying in the menu navigate to the "Tools" tab then "Upgrade by USB", change the upgrade mode from "Image File" to "Misc Files" then "Select & Upgrade" then select "TP_PROG.DBS" (green tick next to it)then press yellow, if all done correctly it should begin to upgrade.
Once the upgrade has completed restart your box and away you go
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